Monday, April 15, 2024

Amazon Banned 600 Chinese Brands Permanently over Review Fraud

According to the The Verge Amazon banned 600 Chinese brands permanently over review fraud this comes after five month global crackdown violating Amazon policies. Several Chinese companies that had been selling on Amazon were given a harsh awakening when Amazon decided to remove them off the marketplace.

According to a report by The Verge, Amazon has blacklisted 600 China brands following a global campaign that has lasted for five months. Amazon claims that these businesses were in violation of the company’s standards, namely those pertaining to review abuse.

According to a previous investigation by The Wall Street Journal, several Chinese companies provided gift cards to customers in return for good ratings on their websites. A statement from the firm was shared with the publication: “Amazon strives to create a positive shopping environment for customers so that they can buy with confidence and sellers have the chance to expand their businesses in an environment of healthy competition. Customers rely on the quality and validity of product reviews to make educated purchase decisions, and we have clear standards in place for both reviewers and selling partners to ensure that our community features are not abused by any party. People who violate these regulations are subject to suspension, expulsion, and legal action, regardless of where they are located in the world.”

Amazon has made it plain that this is not a marketing that is aimed only at China, but rather is a worldwide initiative. Specifically, we will continue to strengthen abuse detection while also taking enforcement action against bad actors, including those who intentionally engage in frequent and repetitive policy breaches, such as review abuse, over time.

According to the firm, they are convinced that the actions they are taking are in the best interests of both their customers and the honest companies who make up the great majority of their worldwide selling community.

However, even though the names of all of the brands are unknown, some of them are quite well-known in China. A number of well-known companies, including Aukey Mpow, RavPower, and Vava, have been permanently barred from selling their products on Amazon.

The South Morning China Post reports that Amazon’s move to prohibit brand names has prompted a large number of Chinese firms to invest in other e-commerce competitors such as eBay and Ali Express as a result of the ban.

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