Monday, April 15, 2024

Alleged desecration of Holy Quran in Charsadda

Violent protests erupted in the Tangi area of ??Charsadda after the alleged desecration of the Holy Quran. According to eyewitnesses, angry protesters stormed a local police station, severely damaged it, and set it on fire.

Inspector Jahangir Khan Police Station SHO Behrmand Shah said that rumors were circulating in the area that someone had insulted the Quran. While registering the FIR, the police arrested the man and started an investigation.

Inspector said that when people got the news of his arrest, they started reaching the police station and demanded that the said person be handed over to them. There were rumors in the area in the evening that the person who had insulted the Quran had been taken to the police station.

According to an eyewitness, a large number of people gathered outside the police station and demanded that The accused should be handed over to them. At first, the sloganeering continued with this demand, and then suddenly the mob got enraged and set fire to the police station building.

The same people also damaged a nearby check post. According to another eyewitness, the policemen in the police station kept trying to fight for a long time but help was not reached due to road blockades while the number of angry people was increasing. It was reported that the policemen left the police station as angry people were also attacking the policemen. Ali Akbar, by a local journalist from Charsadda.

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According to Mohmand, various things are being heard regarding the alleged desecration of the Qur’an. According to one report, the incident took place on Saturday evening and according to another report the incident took place on Sunday morning.

According to Ali Akbar Mohmand, the incident provoked the people. People continued to gather information in this regard through social media and other means, on which the police took action While doing so, the accused was arrested.

According to Ali Akbar Mohmand, angry people were demanding the man be handed over to them. Apart from firing in the air from the police station, tear gas shells were also fired.

But the police did not move in front of a large number of people and finally, the police had to leave the police station with the accused. However, the police have ensured the safety of the accused. According to Ali Akbar Mohmand, all the equipment in the police station was burnt.

Vehicles have been reduced to ashes. The whole record is burnt while the protesters are gathering on Swat Peshawar Road, due to which the road is blocked while the police force is standing away from the protesters.

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