Sunday, December 10, 2023

Ali Zafar promised to provide legal support to innocent female prisoners

On the occasion of World Women’s Day. Singer Ali Zafar provided guarantees of legal support for poor and innocent women in prison.

When actor of Teefa in Trouble took to Twitter on Monday, he shared a conversation with a local TV station. Together with the title he wrote. “Over the years there were innocent and poor women in prison because they had no legal representation.”

Ali Zafar says, “Today, in my humble capacity, I guarantee to do my best to give them the assistance they need to fight for their freedom and justice. But together we can do more”. Then asked his followers to join his initiative at @AliZFoundation.

In early January, singer announced a rap battle after the rap race that originally hosted his record-breaking site.

Provided that the number of applications submitted exceeds his expectations, he has decided to include 30 candidates instead of the three finalists who will take part in the rap battle that the rapper’s critics consider.

Zafar recognized discipline as an integral part of hip hop and later promised that in his humble capacity it would provide a platform for all rappers out there to use their talents to fully promote their culture.

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