Sunday, December 10, 2023

Ali Zafar has a hilarious answer to a fan marriage proposal

Singer Mela Loot Liya took to Twitter to spend Sunday with fans and during #askAZ a fan from the Netherlands asked Ali Zafar to marry her.

Pakistani musician Ali Zafar received a lively but dignified response from a fan in the Netherlands after asking him to marry her on social media.

“It was a good week. Come on, ask questions and answers. Ask me something. #AskAZ” tweeted the singer.

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During the question-and-answer session, a fan from the Netherlands, Cynthia R. Sitara asked Ali Zafar if he would marry her.

He said: “Something? Hmmm … will you marry me? Ali Zafar received a funny but sensible answer.

Previously, the singer’s controversial karachi chicken recipe was a hot topic of conversation. The recipe is something the internet can’t handle as it continues to cook the meat instead of the regular roasting method.

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