Saturday, December 2, 2023

Ali Xeeshan and his wife blessed with a baby boy

Ali Xeeshan and his wife Myra, known for their bizarre fashion style, welcomed their first child on Tuesday. The fashion guru took him to Instagram to introduce the newest member of the family: the boy.

Xeeshan started the post with a charming family collage of the trio, entitled, “So which of the favours of your Lord would you deny? (Surah Ar Rehman Ayah 13). God has blessed us both with a son. Meet Jansher Ali. “It ends with the hashtag #HumaraBeta.

Bold and uncompromising, Visual modelist, Ali Xeeshan believes in pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking and design. He twisted orthodoxy and overturned conservatism. His attire celebrates the connection of modernity to our centuries-old heritage. Xeeshan bride is daring, confident and eye-catching, while remains true to her roots. His creations are aiming at women who value femininity, but still want to make an extraordinary statement in an unforgettable style.

Images of underage brides in gorgeous wedding ensembles, laden with heavy jewelery pulling a dowry cart with the groom, went viral on social media earlier this week.

Whereas her vision first reached Bridal Fashion Week as part of the Ali Xeeshan exhibition. With his latest Numaish collection, the designer has raised awareness of the cruel dowry custom. Her exhibition in collaboration with the United Nations Campaign for Women Jahez Khori Band Karo and made a scene on Twitter due to a reality check.

His depiction of social problems caused mixed reactions online. However, some praised the designer for his concern for dowries, others criticized him for the luxury prices in his collection.

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