Ali Gul Pir happily made Kangana Ranaut among their peasants to protest the scolding

Pakistani comedian Ali Gul Pir barely feels Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut in their hilarious Twitter exchange.

The rapper was responding to one of Kangana’s many accused tweets against international support that farmers in India have been protesting against since Rihanna highlighted the cause.

The 33-year-old Queen actor responded to a video from Canadian New Democratic Party leader Jagmiet Singh, revealing his relationship with the Grammy-winning singer on his platform.

“This terrorist is a friend of porn singer @ rihanna … she is accused of sponsoring terrorist activities. He also thinks of Halistan. A porn star has followed him and this is his greatest achievement #IndiaTogether #IndiaAgaistPropoganda,” she wrote on Twitter.

Ali Gul Pir was in a hurry to shadow Kangana when she sarcastically replied, “A porn singer? Is this a singer who only makes music for porn? Will they refuse to sing about regular films? Please explain more precisely. I didn’t know there was one. such a niche, just curious. “”

The Manicarnica star could not understand the language of Gul Pir’s comments and replied, “A person who cannot sell music without making it sensual / mature. Unlike classical and real singers who do not care about the body. The porn singer relies heavily on the appearance of his flesh, contact with private parts. , and mediocre talent. It makes him huge and trashy. “”

However, the Pakistani comedian was almost done making Kangana when he tweeted and said, “Oh great! I understand. As a person without talent, he doesn’t do much work and relies on controversy and people staying up to date with the news. Thank you. has cleaned it #GoKangana #DiePoorFarmers. “”

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