Friday, December 1, 2023

AirPod Case: Woman Inadvertently Ingests AirPod Instead Of Painkiller

If there is a new problem that has arisen as a result of the increased production of genuine wireless earbuds. It is the fact that they are so little that they can be swallowed by accident by the user. A number of reports have come in about people accidently swallowing their AirPods, and now we can add another one to the growing list of such incidents.
According to a TikTok video recorded by @iamcarliiib, it appears that she mistook her AirPods for her analgesics, ibuprofen, because she appeared to be holding one of each in her hands when the incident occurred. “I was crawling into bed,” she wrote in her Facebook post. The Ibuprofen 800 tablet was in my right hand, while my left AirPod was resting comfortably in my left.

After throwing something back, I grabbed my water bottle and took a sip… then realized it wasn’t the Ibuprofen after all. “I attempted to vomit it, but it just wouldn’t come out,” I said, describing my efforts. It did ultimately come out on its own, but she wanted to be sure, so she had an x-ray taken. We’re not sure if the AirPods were still functional after being swallowed. But she has stated that she will not be using that particular AirPod in the future.

In addition, it’s worth noting that she had the AirPod connected to her phone while on a phone call. And she had also ended up sending a voice memo to a friend, in which she recorded gurgling sounds. While the AirPod was in her stomach while she was on the phone.

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