Thursday, February 22, 2024

Air ambulance for Umer Sharif arrives tomorrow

It has been approved for an air ambulance to land in Pakistan in order to transport the ill veteran comic Umer Sharif to the United States for medical attention.

Arrival of the German plane to Karachi International Airport is scheduled for 11 p.m. tomorrow (September 26). Its call sign is 1264-IFA, which stands for “air ambulance.”

Jet ARENT FAI is the business that owns the air ambulance service. Before departing for the United States, it will refuel at Karachi International Airport.

Umer Sharif was granted a visa to travel to the United States for medical treatment earlier this month.

Murtaza Wahab, a spokesperson for the Sindh government, recently tweeted about the development.

He also expressed gratitude to the United States Consulate for taking action so quickly in the wake of Sharif’s grave illness. Sharif’s family has requested assistance from the Prime Minister’s Office in order to arrange for Sharif’s medical treatment in the United States.

An eight-member team of physicians, including the husband of actress Reema Khan, will be treating the 66-year-old at George Washington University Hospital. Khan’s husband assisted the family in relocating the Zameen Aasmaan actor.

During a press conference with the local media, Dr. Tariq Shahab stated that Sharif had been admitted to the Aga Khan University Hospital with congestive heart failure and had been diagnosed with mitral valve regurgitation – a condition in which blood leaks backward rather than out to the rest of the body.

According to medical specialists, Sharif’s blood pressure is normal, and his kidneys have been maintained by dialysis, giving him the best chance possible to fly to the United States of America..

Following his inability to go to the United States, Sharif’s family disclosed that the comedy king would be forced to have open-heart surgery in Pakistan. Because Sharif is suffering from many diseases, the open-heart surgery could be life-threatening.

Following a video clip in which Sharif urged that Prime Minister Imran Khan take notice of his declining health and assist him in flying overseas, the latest development occurred.

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