Thursday, March 30, 2023

What are the reasons behind Aiman Khan and Jannat Mirza’s clash?

Now a days an alleged clash rumoured on internet between actress Aiman Khan and tiktoker Jannat Mirza. Aiman had recently appeared in a cheerful episode of ‘Voice Over Man‘ and suggested Jannat to wear less makeup.

No doubt, Aiman is extremely talented and incredibly beautiful. Meanwhile, she and her younger sister are a main stream drama actresses. She has approached to provide advice to other celebrities and slew of pearls of wisdom for her peers in the entertainment world. Internet users were taken aback by one of the proposals that the actor made for TikTok queen Jannat Mirza.

Following the viral success of the Aiman’s video clip, Jannat Mirza also took to her Instagram account and posted a video of herself. Everyone can clearly see that she responded to Aiman’s beauty suggestions. When she mentioned that she had cosmetic surgery done on her face, it has taken as a jab at Aiman. Therefore, she has no authority to make judgments on another’s make-up habits.

Further, Jannat Mirza concluded her video by asking that who gave Aiman the authority to intrude in another person’s private life.

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