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Ahsan Khan praised Abdul Sattar Edhi on his official Instagram by his poetry

On fifth anniversary of death of the legendary social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi recalled his service in glad tribute. Five years ago, the iconic humanitarian had died and people all over the country remember it. The famous actor Ahsan Khan praised the legend by writing his dear poetry, was a person to pay homage to him.

Edhi’s selflessness and generosity praised by the actor to his Instagram.

“Only one of us was like this,” Khan recited in a video. “In years to come there’s never going to be another like you.

“He continued by saying that Edhi should teach people philanthropy. “They have access to millions of dollars, and still have only two clothing changes and the same tight-fitted apartment in the same tight part of town.

First of all, he wore a single van, no matter how degraded he was. And in order to build only on the weight of reputations, the world’s largest voluntary ambulance service”, he wrote

“Edhi sahab, we love you. First, mankind, “He finished.He is remembered for his noble and gentle disposition and altruism, which readily reached out a helping hand to many, through the loving name given to him by the people – Baba-e-Khidmat.

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