Monday, December 4, 2023

After successful discussions with the government, Janikhel tribes end up protesting for months

The Janikhel tribe concluded their month-long protest gathering in Banu today. The decision was made on Sunday after successful discussions with the district government.

The tribes stopped the protests and buried their slain elder, Malik Naseeb Khan, a month after he was killed.

At the Maulana Khan Nawaz Jirga Hall in Azad Mandi, talks between the district government and the protest committee took place for the fourth time in a row on Sunday.

Mohammad Khan, Deputy Commissioner Zubayr Niazi, District Police Officer Imran Shahid, civil and military officials, and 15 members of the Janikhel protest committee attended the jirga.

Previously, members of the protest committee and officials from the district government held talks for three days in a row to resolve the issue. However, the conversation was unconvincing.

To encourage the good of the demonstrators, the district government released four people previously arrested for protesting and assured them that all the conditions under their previous agreement would be met.

A seven-member committee from the Ahmadzai and Utmanzai tribes was formed to liaise with government officials and inform them of the harm suffered by the Janikhel tribe during the recent gathering and march to Islamabad. Members of the commission included Malik Umar Hayat, Malik Mir Samad, Malik Fida, Malik Gulbaz Khan, Gul Paozar, and Jehan Nur.


Janikhel’s nephews refused to bury their tribal elder Malik Naseeb Khan and held a nearly month-long sit-in demanding the release of those arrested and the implementation of a deal between the government and tribal members.

They also called for the recovery of all missing persons, restoration of lasting peace in the region, compensation for affected families, and other things.

Naseeb Khan was shot dead on May 30, and his nephews have been protesting their claims ever since. The nephews protested against the lawlessness in their area and asked for assurances from the authorities that such an incident would not happen again.

Protesting elders said they were tired of burying their loved ones and called for an end to targeted killings.

Janikhel’s nephew cites the case of four missing young people. Their bodies were later found charred.

They called for a thorough investigation into the crime and severe punishment for the perpetrators.

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