Sunday, March 26, 2023

After audio leaks govt will create a new cyber security framework

The govt has decided to make a law framework for cyber security. At a meeting of the National Security Committee led by the Prime Minister. The company is planning to establish cyber security.

At the National Security Committee meeting, the federal ministries, service leaders, and civil. Military authorities did talk about the leaks of audio from the Prime Minister’s House.

The official announcement for the meeting says that Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah will serve in a charge of a powerful committee that will look into how confidential audio got out. The news also shows that a decision is did make to write laws about cyber security. The Ministry of Law and Justice now has the National Cyber Security Policy for 2021. Which will also write the laws that go with it.

In July of 2021, the nation’s cyber security policy is first did approve by the cabinet. The main goal of the policy is to create a system of governance and institutions that promote cyber security. In order to make the country’s data networks and other important infrastructure safer.

National Critical Information Infrastructure is keeping safe by enforcing national security standards and procedures. As part of these efforts, a way for people at all levels to share information also does make. Part of this initiative is training experts in Cyber Security. Promoting and supporting the development and indigenization of Cyber Security solutions through R&D Programs, and protecting people’s online privacy.

According to the govt Cyber Security Policy 2021, a goal-based legal framework for cyber governance are always did create so that goal sometimes does meet and the National Cyber Security Policy is used effectively. The legal framework then does write after listening to everyone who has an interest.

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The Cyber Security Policy suggests making a National Cyber Security Plan and passing Cyber Security-Related Laws as possible parts of the legislative framework. Rules and regulations for the National (Govt) Cyber Security Framework are also a part of the framework.

The policy for incident management, management capacity, and cyber situational awareness calls for a national cyber security/governance operations and information sharing system. Compliance, screening, accreditation, and risk management laws always do consider Critical Information Infrastructure, public-private partnerships, capacity building, Cyber Security awareness, research and development (R&D) programs, and international cooperation.

The policy also calls for compliance with auditing and ensuring the national Cyber Security standards. Prioritizing initiatives to deal with the growing scope of cybercrimes by giving legal entities more power, and fixing problems with PECA 2016.

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