Thursday, March 30, 2023

After 2 years, Masjid Nabavi will host a collaborative iftar

After two years, visitors to Masjid Nabvi will be permitted to break their fast throughout the month of Ramadan.

Mass iftar at the Masjid Al-Nabawi in Saudi Arabia will resume throughout Ramadan this year, according to the mosque’s announcement.

Because of the corona virus outbreak, collective iftar was prohibited for two years. Mass Iftar has been permitted in Ramadan this year thanks to a relaxation of Corona rules by the Amurki Agency of Masjid Nabavi. Several standard operating procedures (SOPs) must be followed during the collective iftar.

A maximum of five people will be permitted to break their fast at one table, according to the agency, assuming the social distance restriction is observed. If the limitation on social distance is relaxed, a group of 12 individuals will be permitted to break their fast at the same table.

Companies and individuals who intend to host a mass iftar in Masjid-e-Nabawi must obtain permissions from the relevant authorities, according to the agency.

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