Monday, December 4, 2023

Adil Raja responds to Kubra Khan’s defamation suit

Adil Raja, a former soldier who now posts videos on YouTube, has answered the actors who were upset by his first video, which went viral and criticised the former top leaders of the Pakistani Army.

Raja, who lives in self-exile in the UK, said his clip caused an online frenzy. Raja condemned the trolls and smear efforts after his first viral video.

Adil cited a source, a retired military officer, who warned him to be careful of legal processes in Britain as powerful quarters come up with “Plan B” to silence opposition voices.

Raja talked about an intelligence official who had sued him in the UK for defamation.

Major (r) Adil said that social media trolls and defamation tactics try to divert attention from the real issue—entertainers being used as “honey traps” by the establishment.

The self-proclaimed geopolitical analyst claimed to be a “champion of women’s rights,” saying he always opposed such movements. This time, his critics are maligning him for being a pain in their side.

Addressing the outcry, he added, “I haven’t given any names, just initials.” He criticizes Kubra for threatening a defamation suit over “leaked tapes.”

He asked, “What leaked videos are you talking about?” He hadn’t mentioned any.

Raja chastised Kubra, saying he never mentioned her name and that she clearly blames him. He then brought up Kubra’s article, in which he asked the YouTuber to prove the claims and asked the actor to show where he talked about Kubra in the popular vlog.

Raja, who looks angry in the video, asks about the actor’s purported statement and demands a response within three days. To justify his use of initials, he asked Kubra to prove it.

Kubra defamed him, he said. Raja joked that she should sue for slander in the UK. “Bismillah,” he says.

He accused the actor of defaming him online, alleging he’s being pulled into #MeToo. Adil claimed he has discussed all topics with his lawyers and is ready for a legal battle.

On Monday, trolls started spreading rumors about Pakistani divas by linking them to Raja’s first video. Actors reacted strongly.

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