Thursday, April 18, 2024

Adidas ignored Kanye’s abuse of Yeezy staffers

Former Yeezy members said Adidas knew about Kanye West’s “problematic behaviour” but “shut off their moral compass.”

The report outlines Ye’s behaviour toward Yeezy personnel.

In a 2017 meeting in China, the rapper said Yeezy’s prototypes didn’t fulfil his requirements. He allegedly told a senior woman, “Make me a shoe. I can (expletive).” The woman left Adidas on leave.

Several ex-employees said Ye intimidated them with provocations and repeated sexualization.

More than two dozen ex-Yeezy & Adidas employees describe an oppressive company culture. The 45-year-old made an Adidas talent recruiter cry by criticising a woman’s attractiveness.

Adidas “does not accept hate speech and inappropriate behaviour,” a spokeswoman tells Rolling Stone.

Adidas broke ties with Kanye West after his anti-Semitic outburst.

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