Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Pakistani actress Meera cried for not showing her film in cinemas

The Pakistani actress Meera has dissatisfied and cried that her film has not shown in theatres. She voiced her displeasure with the fact that theatre owners and distributors prioritise films that are of a lower quality.

Meera is a well-known actress and gave an emotional speech at the Karachi Press Club. Whereas, she claimed that films that are not worth viewing have given priority, while her films have overlooked on purpose.

The well-known actress Meera cried to made a request to the government for financial assistance. She wants to establish a film school where she can teach her craft to aspiring actresses. Moreover, where her admirers can view films that have based on original concepts.

In addition, Meera mentioned that she will seen in a distinctive character for which she is now studying Balochi language. The actress mentioned that her younger brother Syed Hussain Abbas has expressed interest in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as well.

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