Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Dananeer Mobeen questioned her fans about marriage after making round bread

A YouTube sensation and actress Dananeer Mobeen questioned her fans about marriage proposals after making round bread. He short video clip went viral on social media recently.

She posted a tale on her Instagram account, which has gone viral It is making headlines all over the internet. Dananeer Mobeen posted a snapshot of her home made round bread (Gol Roti) on her story.

In the description of her post, the young actress stated that she attempted to create round bread. Whereas, she turned to her followers and asked if she will start getting marriage proposals.

Moreover, the actress has not made a public announcement about her marriage. Dananeer’s questioning and creating round bread give the impression that she is considering it.

Last year, a video of a little girl in northern Pakistan with her pals went popular on social media. Whereas, she said, “Ye Hum hain, Ye hamari Car hai or Party ho rahi hai”. The video went viral in a matter of hours because of the girl’s unique manner of speech and accent.

Furthermore, as a result of the video “Pawri ho rahi hai” becoming viral in Pakistan and the song “Pawri ho rahi hai” has made.

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