Tuesday, November 28, 2023

According to Abbasi, Imran Khan will no longer be Prime Minister because the cabinet refuses the summary

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) said Thursday that Imran Khan should know he is no longer the moral prime minister after the federal cabinet rejected his arrest over imports of sugar and other goods from India.

At a press conference with Ahsan Iqbal, Abbasi urged the Supreme Court to uncover the people behind the kidnapping of electoral staff at Daska’s NA-75 by-election in connection with the president’s geo-fencing report.

“This is not only a matter of the by-election results but also about kidnapping voters to steal the election,” he said. Claiming that the government is responsible for the entire situation, Abbasi said it is now mandatory for the Supreme Court to expose those who tried to steal elections.

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He said the report revealed that the president was detained at the same location after being “kidnapped” from the polling station. “They were held at the same venue 12 hours after the end of voting time to change the number of votes,” he said, adding that those who are now talking about electoral reform are responsible for the situation.

He said it was the same model that was used in the 2018 general elections when the RTS [broadcasting system] failed. He also referred to an incident in which the leader was arrested in a Rangers vehicle.

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“I hope the Supreme Court will try to find out who tried to steal the election,” he said. Ahsan said the data from the geo-fencing report proved to be fabricated for the first time.

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