Monday, December 4, 2023

Abigail Breslin revealed about experiencing an abusive relationship in past

Abigail Breslin used the occasion of Domestic Violence Awareness Month to talk about how she was a victim of abusive relationship. The star of ‘Little Miss Sunshine‘ was in a very violent relationship for close to two years.

She opened her Oct. 14 post with the words, “As a DV victim I felt forced to share a little bit about my story. I was in love at first sight and everything seemed wonderful. My attacker preyed on my naiveté and innocence, which led to the escalation of violence in our relationship.”

Abigail elaborated, “I have often abused, imprisoned in rooms and made to pretend everything was good and normal. Furthermore, I frequently covered up injuries with cosmetics since in some way, I still loved for this person. I also suffered a variety of put downs, humiliation and brutal verbal abuse.”

Moreover, Abigail Breslin thanked her loved ones for encouraging her to leave the violent and abusive relationship. She describs the two years spent there as the loneliest of her life. She cannot express how grateful she is to the people who helped her get out of this terrible position especially her family and friends.

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