Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Abdul Salam Abu Dawood arrested for supposedly bullying a Hindu boy

Abdul Salam Abu Dawood was arrested on Tuesday after he had been on social media forced to condemn his faith in a video that allegedly intimidated a Hindu boy and was abused.

An FIR was also submitted at the Mithi police station under Sections 295-A and 288 of the Pakistan Penal Code against the offender named Abdul Salam Abu Dawood.

Dawood’s video shows a teenager clutching his collar and saying that he praises and curses the Almighty. Then Dawood curses and presumably shoots him away and condemns him for his faith.

The scared adolescent, known as Mukesh Bheel, pleaded for compassion with Dawood and was only released after he met the demand of Dawood. Dawood then goes to the white Vigo, Cursing Bheel, approaching her car.

The social media users urged for action against the offender when the video became viral.

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