Saturday, December 2, 2023

Cuba approved the Abdala Covid-19 vaccine for emergency situations

The Abdala COVID-19 vaccine, which is already being deployed on the Caribbean island country facing a rise in infections, received emergency authorization from Cuba’s medicines regulator on Friday.

The State Control Center for Medicinal Products, Equipment and Medical Devices’ approval should verify Abdala to sell and licence overseas, which Cuba claims to be 92.28% effective against coronavirus.

Soberana 2, a second locally manufactured COVID-19 vaccine, is anticipated to be authorized in the coming weeks. Late Thursday, Cuba announced that a two-shot vaccination with a booster dubbed Soberana Plus had proven 91.2 percent effective against the coronavirus in late-stage clinical testing.

Iran, Argentina, and Vietnam have indicated an interest in manufacturing Cuban vaccines, while Jamaica and Mexico have shown interest in acquiring them.

Communist-run The Beta and now Delta forms of COVID-19 have been causing a long-term increase in cases in Cuba. The number of cases has risen to a new high, although mortality remains low.

On Friday, the number of cases in Cuba nearly quadrupled to 6,422, owing to an outbreak in the province of Matanzas. Varadero, the island’s most popular beach resort, is located in this province.

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