Saturday, December 2, 2023

A woman pulls out her rape case by claiming to be her husband

A lady who claimed she was raped repeatedly by a guy at his residence after “returning from the United Kingdom” to attend her father’s burial retracted her claim on Sunday, claiming the “suspect” was her husband.

Previously, the woman said she traveled to Pakistan from the United Kingdom six months ago to attend her father’s burial. She said she was living at the home of her father’s close friend in Wahdat Colony, where his son reportedly sexually assaulted her for three days.

The guy was detained after police filed a rape charge against him.

However, the woman eventually went before a court judge and stated that the suspect was her husband in her testimony.

According to Deputy Inspector General (Inquiry) Shariq Jamal Khan, the lady first accused the guy of raping her for three days, but throughout the investigation, she refused to submit to a medical examination and also backtracked on the rape claim.

According to the DIG, she was also involved in many incidents of bounced checks and presenting fraudulent ID cards and documents in order to conceal her identity.

According to the case investigator, the woman’s and suspect’s family produced a marriage certificate proving she was married to the guy she accused of rape. He went on to say that woman later dropped the rape accusation.

According to him, police investigations revealed that the woman never visited the UK and was a Multan resident.

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