Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A uniform curriculum to be introduced in schools across the country from April 2021

The PTI-led government designed new uniform curriculum, that will implement in Pakistani schools from April 2021, Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood said on Friday.

During a press conference in Islamabad about his ministry’s biennial presentations, the Minister of Education said, “a uniform curriculum would be applied from grades one to five.”

So, “for the first time in Pakistan’s 72 years of history, a uniform curriculum will be introduced”. It has now been developed in consultation with all schools of thought. All madrasas are also enrolled while working on the curriculum from grades six to eight.

“Matrix and FA students are promoted through Formula”, said Minister Mahmood.

People worry about the results from Cambridge.

(Video Credit: Ary News)

Mehmood added that the television school was launched because of the Covid-19 explosion on April 7.

Students are facing difficulties due to the weak internet connection.

Now the internet is being rolled out across the country, he said.

In addition, the Minister of Education and Culture added that a skills development program had been launched to provide skills to around 170,000 children.

Ehsaas program

He added that the Ehsaas program will get scholarships for 50,000 students and 1,000 nurses.

About 1,000 scholarships have been awarded for arts and culture education, he added.

Earlier, the minister said that the teaching material for the new integrated curriculum that the federal government recently reveal is the national Urdu language.

He added that Urdu will be the main vehicle for the new curriculum, which will be implemented from grade one to grade five in the following school year.

However, Mahmood explained that provinces would have the option of using their primary language along with Urdu to teach children.

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