Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A total of 80 people have died as a result of the country’s 4,700 new coronavirus cases

Pakistan reported more than 4,700 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, bringing a total of up to 58,400 active patients across the country. At least 80 people died on Saturday, eight of whom were undergoing ventilator service.

The four cities with the highest fan base are Multan with 70%, Lahore with 65%, Gujranwala with 60%, and Islamabad with 56%. The total number of ventilators used in the country is 393. There is no patient ventilation in the Gilgit-Baltistan region (GB). So far, the country has recorded 609,691 refunds.

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A total of 631 hospitals with Covid-19 facilities and 4,220 patients are currently being treated in the hospital. A total of 50,186 tests were carried out on Friday, 9,050 in Sindh, 23,029 in Punjab, 8,239 in KP, 7,491 in TIK, 1,158 in Balochistan. Gilgit-Baltistan conducted 346 tests while AJK conducted 875 tests.

The total number of deaths was 14,697. The details of the deaths by province are as follows: 4,506 people died in Sindh while 6,523 people died in Punjab. 2410 died in KP and 570 died in ICT. There were 210 deaths in Balochistan, while 360 people were registered with AJK.

Lahore Metropolitan Police Officer Lahore Ghulam Mahmoud Dogar (CCPO) said 770 Lahore police officers and officers had tested Covid-19 so far and 651 had returned to work after fully recovering.

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Two coronaviruses, three SSP officials, seven specialists, 19 specialists, 25 inspectors, 83 sub-inspectors, 120 traffic police officers, and junior and senior officers have contracted the coronavirus. 114 police officers affected by Covid-19 and Lahore police officers are still quarantined at their homes, he added.

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