Tuesday, November 28, 2023

A tiny number of dishonest people has banded together to avert prosecution: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Sunday that a small number of corrupt elements had gathered to circumvent the law.

“The government cannot fight the mafia alone. We cannot eradicate corruption without support from the courts, “he added. The Prime Minister’s speech came in response to a live conversation during a telephone session.

He answered residents’ calls on 051-9224900. “We asked Nawaz Sharif to leave bail, but the court sent him abroad,” said the prime minister.

He noted that those who raided the ground were covered in flower petals after being convicted by the NAB court. “We have to change collective thinking to end corruption in Pakistan for good.”

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“People like us are trying to incorporate elements like that into the law,” he said. Prime Minister Imran went on to say that Pakistan’s fight for the rule of law is.

To other callers, the prime minister said the increase in sugar prices was due to corruption practices by the sugar mafia. Responding to callers about the prevalence of rape and child abuse, he said, “This is a direct result of increasing immodesty in every country. Indecency always afflicts society.”

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“Islam sets the rules for humility for a reason,” he said.

The live telecast was announced earlier today on Pakistan Television’s (PTV) official Twitter account.

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