Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A Texas woman has filed a lawsuit against Bill Hutchinson

Bill Hutchinson, the “Marrying Millions” star, sued by a student at the University of Texas, claimed that the immobility entrepreneur sexually attacked her.

According to legal filings from Fox News, Hutchinson 63, his real estate investment company Dunhill Partners, Inc., and Virgin Hotels Dallas, LLC, were brought to court by a young guy, known only as Jane Doe; she seeks monetary relief of over $1 million.

In Dallas Virgin Hoir, owned by Virgin and his company Dunhill Partners, Inc., or about the 6 June 2020, Jane Doe says that she met Hutchinson.

Bill Hutchinson attacked Jane Doe in this encounter and attempted to attack Jane Doe in sexual intercourse. Hutchinson bought a large number of alcoholic drinks and gave Jane Doe alcohol without identifying her age or whether she was able to legally consume alcohol “State papers. State documents.

Later on, Hutchinson’s driver informed the claimed victim that, at the Dunhill Partners Inc. and the Virgin Hotel premises, he had “displayed a similar pattern of conduct with several other young ladies” and had committed “additional sexual assaults and inadequate behavior.”

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