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A San Francisco man sued Apple

An Apple iPhone owner filed a lawsuit against the tech giant for $1,383.13. It’s the same amount he paid for his phone. Last Monday, Theodore A. Kim filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court against the city and its officials. Kim claimed that despite the fact that his iPhone was still under warranty, the firm refused to fix it.
A man in San Francisco has sued Apple for the full amount of the gadget’s repair costs. He is claiming that the corporation refused to fix the device despite the fact that it was still under warranty.

Theodore A. Kim filed a complaint in San Francisco seeking $1,383.13, the amount he paid for his phone at the time of purchase. The claim has filed in a small claims court in the state of California.

As Kim explained, “it levels the playing field so that an ordinary customer like me can challenge a large corporation without having to worry about acquiring lawyers and all that other stuff”. “At the very least, I feel like I deserve my day in court.”

Court Trial

According to court documents, a trial has scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on November 23, 2021, by the court clerk. According to Kim, the phone he is suing has originally purchased from an authorized Apple seller in Vietnam in October 2020, according to the attorney. According to him, the iPhone 12 has covered by Apple’s guarantee until October 2022.

When Kim returned to the United States during the epidemic, he encountered difficulties getting his phone to recognize a SIM card from the United States. So he called Apple, and they instructed him to bring the device into a nearby Apple Store for repair.

I brought it into the store, and they sent it to the repair depot, where they returned and said, ‘Yeah, we’re not going to fix this because it’s been tampered with,'” I explained. Kim shared her thoughts. “And I asked, ‘In what way has it tampered with?'”

He claimed that he did not receive a response. Instead, they gave the phone back to the owner. Kim, on the other hand, reported that the SIM tray had broken.

Kim then filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau a few weeks later (BBB). Apple reacted to the allegation by stating that if the iPhone had broken while the business was in possession of it, it would have repaired.

Apple refused to repair the phone under the terms of the warranty, which Kim said had revoked by the firm. So he offered to pay for the repair himself. However, he claims that the corporation has rebuffed him yet again.

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Response

In late June, he attempted one final effort by sending an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s personal email address. He didn’t get a response. As a result, he resorted to Google to find solutions to his dilemma.

“I also came across a blog article about a person in Seattle who had successfully sued Apple in small claims court,” Kim explained.

Following the failure of the graphics card in his 2008 MacBook Pro, a blogger filed a lawsuit against Apple. Kim believed that the blogger’s experience was similar enough to his own that he might have a chance in court against him.

In response, “I decided to attempt the same avenue,” he explained. “It worked,” he added. “As a joke, I replied, ‘Well, this is a bit like a David and Goliath type of issue,’ and that was that.

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