Thursday, March 23, 2023

A Pakistani blacksmith, aged 70, has broken a world record

One-minute apple crushing by hand is held by a 70-year-old Pakistani man, who owns the Guinness World Record for crushing the greatest amount of apples in one minute. He holds the record for being the oldest person to accomplish this accomplishment.

Naseemuddin has broken the record set by England’s most successful athlete, who previously held the mark, with the help of thirteen apples. As reported in the local media, a resident of Pakistan’s largest metropolis crushed 18 apples in less than 60 seconds, according to eyewitness accounts.

His record-breaking achievement is the most recent addition to the record-breaking family tree, as he is the father of Mohammad Rashid, who has set more than 70 world records in the field of martial arts. It has also been announced that Naseemuddin’s granddaughter had broken the previous world record, despite the fact that she is just seven years old.

One of the ways in which he expressed his delight at his accomplishment was by mentioning how his profession had aided him in maintaining his physical fitness. After achieving this aim, he expressed his satisfaction at having been able to realise a long-held ambition of his: to convey pride to Pakistan via sports.

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