Friday, December 1, 2023

A married couple were convicted of rape and filming of more than 45 minors

The Rawalpindi court convicted several children for child abuse and child pornography. The perpetrator of this heinous crime admitted to abusing and filming up to 45 children.

Geo News reported that district judge and additional court Jahangir Gondal sentenced Kasim Jahangir to death for raping a minor and filming an explicit video. Kassim Jahangir was sentenced to three years in prison, plus a life sentence and a fine of 2.5 million rupees.
Meanwhile, his wife, Kiran Mahmoud, was sentenced to life in prison and a large fine. The couple were arrested in 2019 after they were found luring underage girls and then raping and filming them to blackmail them.

CPO Mohammad Faisal Rana announced that the couple admitted to raping 45 minors and filming their crimes. After the suspect was arrested, videos of 10 underage girls and thousands of nude photos were found.

He added that the couple would sell the child porn they had committed to pornographic websites for a very large price.

The event that led to the arrest

The perpetrator was tracked down and arrested after a girl filed a complaint with CPO Rawalpindi. In a statement, the MSc student said the couple lured her into their car and took her to a house where she was raped and photographed.

The woman pretends to be a student at a local girls’ school to talk to the victim. The perpetrator wore a mask while coaxing the girl into the car. The car stopped nearby and the two women were asked to sit in it.

The masked woman introduced the driver as a close relative and asked the girl to get into the car. After getting into the vehicle, the black curtains were closed and the car was taken to a villa in the Gulistan colony.

There, the defendant raped the girl with a gun while his wife was filming the crime.

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