Monday, September 25, 2023

A man was arrested for pestering three women in Lahore

The Punjab police detained a man in Lahore on Thursday after he was accused of harassing three women who were standing beneath a bridge at a bus stop.

The man was apprehended by Punjab police after a video of the incident was shared on social media. It was posted on Twitter by Hasna Khan Dasti, who identified herself as “Hasna.” “Another harassment incident occurred in Lahore today,” Hasna reported.

One of the women is seen talking to a man in a red shirt who is standing near three other women. Later, the man can be seen cautiously approaching the women. Fearing for their lives, the women flee, with one racing ahead and crossing the road, while the other two can be seen running away from him.

“Three female students may be seen fleeing from the monster in the distance. Someone should be arrested right away for what appears to be inappropriate behaviour with the women,” he continued, citing the Punjab police’s official Twitter account in his message. Afterwards, the Punjab police posted a photo of the suspect in prison on Twitter, stating that they had registered a complaint against him and had taken him into custody.

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