Monday, September 25, 2023

A Man Is Arrested for Making Hateful Comments on Social Media

Police in the Kolai-Palas area have detained a guy by the name of Mohammad Farooq on suspicion of inciting sectarianism on social media.

Salman Khan, the DPO, said, “We looked into Mohammad Farooq, who admitted to posting sectarian material to his false Facebook account using the mobile phone of policeman Abdul Qudus, who is his cousin. Mohammad Farooq was arrested and charged with distributing sectarian content.”

He went on to say that the issue had been forwarded to the relevant FIA Assistant Director for further investigation.
In a second incident, Mohammad Azhar, a construction worker from Sobrian, Balakot Tehsil, died after being trapped in a building material mixing machine. His corpse was returned to his family after it had been inspected by physicians from the civil hospital, which was a required legal formality.

A leopard that slaughtered livestock and goats in the Jabri Kaleesh region has been captured by the Wildlife Department, according to other reports. Separate teams have been sent to Garhi Habibullah to catch the leopard.

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