Tuesday, February 27, 2024

A lawyer was fined Rs25,000 by the SHC for challenging mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination

A plea by a lawyer who disputed Sindh’s plan to prohibit unvaccinated SIMs has been disregarded by The Sindh High Court.

Sources citing reports quoted Karachi based advocate Sohail Ahmed on Friday in the application to the Sindh High Court, claiming that it is not possible for the government to force its decision on the public.

Ahmed added that the government would need to pass a legislation or issue an order making the Covid shot mandatory for all citizens, and that the masses could not be forced to take a vaccine without the permission of elected officials. He stated that in the absence of legislation, citizens are not obligated to follow administrative orders.

She added while regretting at the petition, Justice Shafi Muhammad Siddiqui of SHC questioned how someone was demanding such laws when this is a pandemic in the nation. The judge also mentions the individual afflicted by Covid as a public ‘walking bomb.’

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