Monday, May 29, 2023

A Karachi guy is harassing a friend and posting filthy photographs on Instagram : FIA

According to Sindh Zone, one of his pals in karachi, named as Muhammad Fahad, was detained on Friday on accusations of blackmailing and harassment.

A lady lodged an appeal at the cybercrime reporting centre of the FIA on August 5. “I’ve recently finished my A level, and I’m at Ibex working. As I made my O-Level from the Beacon House School System, I met Muhammad Fahad,” it said.

“We have been dating for a long time and I was in close contact with him, then every time I planned to leave him, he began to chastise me to stay with him.”

Fahad grabbed filthy screenshots of her, had given her to her parents and put it on a falsified Instagram account, according to the plaintiff. “He stated that his friend Bilal Memon had been making threats and blackmails throughout that time.”

Fahad’s cell phone and digital gadgets were confiscated by authorities on Friday. The FIA claimed that a forensic exam confirmed that he was the true perpetrator. He ran a bogus Instagram account with “obscene” photographs from the complaint.

The FIA’s Digital Forensics laboratory has transferred his phone.

In accordance with Pakistan’s criminal rules, a case has been launched against him.

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