Sunday, December 10, 2023

A dog bite claims the life of a three-year-old Dadu child

A three-year-old boy died on Saturday in the Ghulam Mohamed Lashari area in the Dadu area of ​​Sindh from a dog bite wound.

Police said the incident occurred three days ago when a group of stray dogs attacked “bed sleepers” in the Wahi Pandi neighborhood.

They added that five people, including a woman, were injured in a similar “attack” by dogs three days before the incident.

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The administration of the hospital where the boy was taken for injuries announced that he was vaccinated for rabies on March 24. He was sent home the same day.

Hospital officials said the boy should have been shot three more times, and the next one was supposed to be today (March 27), but he died before he could get his next dose.

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Meanwhile, the child’s family said his condition was getting worse and that he had been transferred to another facility.

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