Thursday, June 1, 2023

A Dodge Charger Owner Discovers a Hidden AirTag

Apple has a serious privacy issue on its hands with the AirTags. The AirTags have been the subject of numerous reports in recent months. Including one in which a woman discovered an AirTag hidden in her car’s wheel well. And it has recently confirmed by another source.

According to the most recent storey from Fox 2 Detroit, it appears that there has another instance of the AirTag abused by police. Specifically, according to the complaint, a man by the name of John Nelson claims to have discovered an AirTag hidden in his 392 Scat Pack 2018 Charger, which he had purchased only two days prior.

After dropping the automobile off at an Auburn Hills shopping complex, Nelson claimed that he drove the car to the home of an acquaintance and then a friend’s residence. During this time, the notice on his phone informed him that he has tracked by an unknown AirTag. He immediately deleted the notification. He opened the notice and played the sound, and it turned out that the AirTag had been buried behind a drain cap under the trunk of his car, which he had missed.

Fortunately, he spotted the tag before anything terrible could have happened, but it’s still a little frightening to consider. The AirTags, which cost $100 for a pack of four, are so inexpensive that anyone can purchase them. And put them into a variety of bags and places. While Apple does have features in place to notify consumers when unfamiliar AirTags are in their vicinity. We’re beginning to think that this may not be sufficient.

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