Tuesday, November 28, 2023

A breakthrough has occurred with the arrest of a key suspect in the Johar Town blast in Lahore

A prime suspect in the Johar bombings was arrested in Punjab by CTD‘s Rawalpindi and transferred to Lahore.
According to TV reports, the suspect identified as Eid Gul is believed to be the man who parked the explosive-laden vehicle in the city’s Johar town.

Video from video surveillance received by law enforcement agencies shows him driving through the streets of Lahore before reaching the crime scene, where he parked the car and fled.

Three people were killed and dozens injured in the explosion of an explosives-laden vehicle last week near Hafiz Saeed‘s home. According to police, the fighters turned to the police in the explosion.

Law enforcement agencies raided the cities of Punjab and Karachi and made arrests.

Last Friday, security services searched the home of a man in Karachi for his alleged involvement in the fatal explosion.

An investigation found that Peter Paul David’s man had visited Lahore three times in the past month and a half and stayed there for a total of 27 days.

According to sources, the authorities found evidence that he had met many people and received data on his immigration at the same time. The car used in the explosion was also registered for him.

David runs a scrap and hotel business in Bahrain and moved to Pakistan with his family from the Middle East in 2010.

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