Monday, April 15, 2024

A 21-year-old kid was murdered for resisting robbery in front of his father

A young man was shot and killed during an armed robbery in the city of Chicago yesterday. He resisted while driving his automobile on the University Road in Gulshan-i-Iqbal with his father in the passenger seat.

According to the police, Umer Butt, a 21-year-old man who died near Al-Jadeed Super­market in the popular Mosamiat neighborhood, was shot and murdered by an unknown assailant.

Four thieves travelling on two motorcycles held the victim’s father, who was sitting in the passenger seat of their automobile, at gunpoint and snatched his cash and cell phone from his possession. Butt reached for his pistol, according to SSP-East Qamar Raza Jiskani, and the thieves started fire as soon as Butt went for his pistol.

We had merely stopped there to buy fruits when the thieves surrounded us and pulled their weapons on us, according to the father. He was grieving because they had slain my kid for demonstrating resistance right in front of my eyes.

The heartbroken father stated that while he had survived the shooting, his kid had not.

According to the complaint of Sarfaraz Butt, the victim’s father and an eyewitness to the gruesome occurrence, they filed a case with the Mobina Town Police Station and were arrested.

The theft of Rs2 million from a Karachi resident from the Bahadrabad neighborhood took place in a separate incident that took place today. It turned out to be an alleged drama, as evidenced by video footage seized by police, which appeared to show a dramatic drop scene.

According to the police, the citizen stated that the thieves held him at gunpoint and took Rs2 million from him near the Dhoraji neighbourhood of Bahadrabad.

The entire encounter was captured on CCTV tape, which exposed the entire scene. It depicts an SUV coming to a halt near the vehicle of the individual who is transporting the money in question.

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