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Yasir Hussain taunts Nausheen Shah, Says She Came To His Wedding Uninvited

Yasir Hussain has a record of offering controversial, and also ill-advised expressions. He is once more under the radar. And this time he chose to disparage the Dugdugi entertainer Nausheen Shah

On numerous events, Hussain is seen undoubtedly talking or offering his spontaneous thoughts.Again he is clearly getting back at his haters with his clever mockery. In any case, this time things took a somewhat abnormal turn. Whereas Hussain discussed the excluded visitors at his wedding. 

Picture From Yasir Hussain Wedding. Source: Instagram/Fanpage

Moreover Yasir Known for his clear straightforward behaviour. Even so he is taking it up a few scores in a new meeting with Vasay Chaudhry. Thus, he entertainer uncovered the name of one explicit individual. Certainly to show that went to his wedding to Iqra Aziz excluded. 

While addressing Chaudhry about his wedding list of attendees back in 2019, Hussain shared that while the couple had welcomed approximately 170 individuals, more than 200 appeared. 

“I had concluded that I’ll call just the individuals who are my companions and who live in a similar city,” such as said the Band Toh Baje Ga entertainer. He added the card being via online media implied that everyone was educated in any case. 

At the point when asked who the extra 30+ individuals who appeared excluded were, Hussain uncovered one name explicitly. That such as, from the showbiz business: “Nausheen Shah,” he said, laughing uncontrollably just after. 

Proceeding onward, when the host inquired as to whether some other industry peer went to the wedding without a welcome. In addition, Hussain explained that she was the one and only one, adding, “Buhat hansi arahi hai! [I feel like laughing!].” Surely talk about the awkwardness! 

She got the most pictures clicked

However, goody gumdrops, he didn’t stop there all things considered. Certainly for the demand of Chaudhry, the Lahore Se Aagey entertainer revealed more insights regarding Shah’s participation. The host at that point found out if he loved any of her Instagram posts from his wedding. At that point Hussain uncovered, “The interesting part is, she got the most pictures clicked!” 

Look at her photos from the wedding. 

“Sharing some good old memories from a friends wedding with the cutest,” the subtitle of her post read. 

Just after severely savaging her, Hussain put forth an attempt to vindicate himself by attempting to change the theme. “Nausheen is an incredible young lady and she accomplishes extraordinary work. By and by, I am a major enthusiast of her style!” he said. 

Here is the video. 

Indeed, just so fierce!

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