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8 Unknown facts about Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa

  • A multitalented personality
  • Only 18 years old.
  • Her family is her strength.
  • Education and Showbiz side by side.
  • What is Her religion?
  • Passionate For Travelling.
  • From TikTok to the film World.
  • Her hazel-colored eyes make her brand’s favorite.

Yehali Tashiya Kalidasa is a Sri Lankan actor and model who is also a beautiful fashion model. She is now starring in the Pakistani drama Sinf-e-Aahan, in which she has a significant role as a female lead.

Yehali Tashiya character in the drama is based on a real-life army cadet girl from Sri Lanka named Nathmy Perrera, who inspired the actress to create the role. A persona that is both charming and endearing may be found in Yehali Tashiya.

It is understandable that many people are interested in learning more about Yehali Tashkiya Kalidas, which is why we have produced a list of eight interesting and secret facts about her that will certainly amaze you.

  1. A multitalented personality

To learn that she is not only a successful actress with exceptional acting abilities, but she is also a successful model with lovely expressions, as you must have found by now, must have taken you by surprise. Furthermore, she is a well-known TikToker on the social media platform.

  1. Only 18 years old!
    You will be surprised to learn that she is much younger than we had imagined, which is an interesting fact about her personality to discover. Her acting abilities, despite the fact that she is only 18 years old, are on par with those of any well-established actor.
  2. Her family is her strength!
    It’s probable that you’re not aware of the fact that she comes from a middle-class family in Sri Lanka, but her parents have always been highly supportive of her career and personal development. They constantly encourage her to pursue her ambitions without hesitation, and she does so.
  3. Education and Showbiz side by side!
    You must be shocked to learn this interesting fact about her: she has recently completed her A-levels and plans to continue her education beyond that point. She does not prioritise her education over pursuing a good acting profession in order to achieve success. [1]
  4. Her religion?
    Many people may be unaware of this little-known fact about her: she is a practising Muslim, according to her own admission. Her conversion to Buddhism has as a result resulted in her informing them of her faith.
  5. Passionate For Travelling
    She has a strong desire to travel, and whenever he gets the chance, he takes advantage of the opportunity to visit major tourist locations. Australia is her favourite travel location, and she has visited there several times.
  6. From TikTok to the film world!
    You must be astonished to find that your favourite celebrity began her professional career on TikTok only a few years ago, given how popular the platform has become. It was on this medium that she was found by the Sri Lankan television business, and it was then that she decided to try her hand at being an Instagram influencer.
  7. Her hazel-colored eyes make her brand’s favorite!
    She has naturally hazel-colored eyes, which some of you may be astonished to discover about because she doesn’t have them. It is also because of this that she is distinguished as a naturally beautiful and breathtakingly beautiful woman, encouraging marketers to flock to her in support of their marketing campaigns.

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