Monday, December 11, 2023

8 PTI MPA have been prohibited from sitting in the Sindh Assembly

8 members of the Sind Assembly who were members of the PTI were expelled by Chairman Agha Siraj Durani after making a fuss during a meeting and disturbing the sanctity of the house.

Due to “disordered behavior”, they were asked to leave the ongoing meeting at the behest of the speaker.

Those who have been punished for their behavior include; Saeed Ahmed, Rabistan Khan, Arsalan Taj Hussein, Mohammed Ali Aziz, Adel Ahmed, Shah Nawaz Jadun, Bilal Ahmed, and Raja Azhar Khan.

“The President of the Sindh Provincial Assembly noticed the conduct and the discontent of the Member of the Sindh Provincial Assembly at the Chamber meeting on Monday, 28 June 2020,” said this directive.

“The disorderly behavior of the members mentioned above undermines the sanctity of the DPR as well as parliamentary practice,” he added.

PTI Stages Protest

On Monday, opposition members held a unique protest at the provincial assembly and brought a charpoy to the ground on the occasion of the “buried democracy”.

Opposition PTI members are not allowed to speak during the meeting. So they protested, bringing charpoy onto the stage and shouting slogans for “democratic funeral”.

The spokesman, angered by the situation, has ordered staff to remove charpoy from the scene and maintain decency, saying “the opposition has violated the sanctity of the house”.

During the unrest, Provincial Ministers Nasir Hussein Shah and Mukesh Kumar Chaula reintroduced laws to protect journalists passed by the assembly.

On that occasion, in response to the protest, Chaula said that PTI had actually killed democracy in the country and made the people suffer.

As opposition protests continue, the meeting has been postponed until tomorrow, 29 June.

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