Saturday, December 9, 2023

650 doses of coronavirus vaccine missing from Jinnah Hospital

Jinnah Hospital in Lahore lost 650 doses of the coronavirus vaccine held at the hospital, sources said on Friday.

Sources said the hospital administration vaccinated friends and relatives with the missing dose, adding that no vaccine records could be found in the hospital database. The provincial health ministry requested archives following a reported loss of vaccine. Health Minister Yasmin Rashid said a complete vaccination protocol would be drawn up and firm action would be taken if irregularities were found.

Regarding this, the medical director of Jinnah Hospital said there were obstacles in making vaccination protocols because some doctors did not keep records after vaccination. “After registration is complete, you will be able to see how many doses were lost,” said the hospital’s IC.

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Meanwhile, Gohar Iyaz, chair of the hospital committee, said all relevant vaccine records were available, adding that paramedics had been vaccinated “on merit” and audits were carried out daily.

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