Wednesday, March 29, 2023

44 students on their way to Kumrat were robbed in Lower Dir

On the Chitral Road near Lower Dir Thursday, a bus load of tourists was stolen.

44 people, including a guide, the cook, the driver and students from various Sindh and Punjab educational establishments, attended the ride. They travelled for a holiday to the Kumrat Valley.

They grabbed all the mobile phones and cash away from the thieves.

One student claimed immediately after the robbery, the police from the Lower Dir’s Ooch brought us to police station, recording the case against unidentified persons. He said that they also arranged for our safe trip to Kumrat.

The police told the kids that they will catch the robbers when they return from Kumrat.

The Ooch SHO told that the visitors had breakfast and that the incident information had been noticed.

The pupils would be sent by the police to Kumrat under the guidance of the Lower Dir DPO and arranged to have food and lodging, says the SHO.

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