The Chinese mobile phone company Redmi makes its own iPhone 12 Mini


Xiaomi has had a bad reputation for copying Apple’s design, especially when it comes to layout and name.

This time it is the same. As the iPhone 12 Mini outbreaks started circulating on the web, Redmi’s production manager Wang Teng said he was also taking a smaller than expected smartphone production.

Branding was likely a measure of customer interest in small screens.

Currently, Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing has pushed the Redmi Mini smartphone in a few months.

Following the smaller-than-expected iPhone SE and iPhone 12, the organization will ship a small-screen smartphone within a year or just in time. yet.

Weibing said the customer should be happy with the battery life. All in all, no further details have been discovered.

As of now, Sony is the smartphone leader offering compact smartphones.

Anyway, a year ago Apple changed the model and now we can see a host of small Android smartphone options soon.

According to Weibing, Redmi will be the leading brand to offer such an Android mobile phone in the coming years. A more official meaning will be discovered shortly.

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