All job seekers can now apply for government jobs on Punjab job portal, Lahore Herald

All job seekers can now apply for government jobs on Punjab job portal

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Punjab government has launched a centralized platform where all vacancies are advertised under the provincial government and candidates can apply for various jobs online.

The job portal, entitled “Punjab Online Jobs“, was developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

Once registered on the platform, applicants can search and apply for jobs in 452 departments in all districts of the province.

PITB also shared a short tutorial from the Punjab Jobs Online portal explaining candidates’ registration and application processes.

Punjab Jobs Online is part of Digital Pakistan’s largest initiative launched last December by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Last month, the federal government also launched a national employment portal as part of the Digital Pakistan initiative to enable unemployed people to find work in the public and private sectors across the country.

The National Council for Information and Technology (NITB) has developed the National Employment Portal and all federal services must post vacancies on the appropriate platform.

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