Peshawar BRT service will resume after 4 weeks of downtime due to fire, Lahore Herald

Peshawar BRT service will resume after 4 weeks of downtime due to fire

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After a series of mechanical failures in Peshawar’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) fleet in recent weeks, service had to be discontinued for a team of experts to identify and eradicate the problem. Special assistant to Chief Information Minister Kamran Bangash finally announced the resumption of service on October 25, 2020.

While no details were shared about the nature of the outages and whether or not they were fully resolved, Bangash claimed that the fleet repairs had no financial impact on the government as the bus company is contractually bound. to solve the problems. problems, implying that the buses were repaired free of charge or perhaps at a nominal cost.

The BRT service was discontinued about 4 weeks ago after one of the fleet’s buses caught fire, making it the fourth fire incident in a month. The spokesman and a representative of the BRT service, Umar Khan, told media staff that it was the back cabin of the bus that caught fire as it crossed the road from Hayatabad.

No details are yet available as to whether this is the same bus that has caught fire repeatedly or whether the problem is affecting the entire fleet. Still, the decision is apparently complete, as the inspection team would add just a few final details to ensure the safety of the entire fleet.

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