Pakistani football player named in Forbes 30 Under 30, Lahore Herald

Pakistani football player named in Forbes 30 Under 30

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Chitral’s Pakistani football sensation Karishma Ali was named “30 Under 30” in Forbes with Naomi Osaka and now has bigger plans. Karishma Ali made history by playing football and now changes lives and inspires others. She said in an interview with CNN, “I want to see more women in leadership positions and then just sit back and enjoy. This is what I wanted to fight for. “

She is a regular Instagram user who tries to tell her story despite technical issues.

Last year, she was named Forbes Under-30 in Asia, along with tennis star Naomi Osaka and K-pop group Blackpink. She was the first woman in her region to play football nationally and internationally.

She tells CNN, “It’s difficult for girls here, especially if they have a different dream or are doing something outside of what society expects you to do.”

She founded the Chitral Women’s Sports Club to encourage local girls to play football and reopened in hopes of organizing a soon-to-be-organized girls exchange program to attend a football camp in Islamabad.

She said, “I want to change something for these girls and women who want to be more than a housewife.”

She said, “Watching the 2006 FIFA World Cup with his father, Ali embarked on a life-changing journey that helped him become the leader who would ultimately make a difference to the others in his region.”

“The moment I started watching football, I knew I just wanted to play this game. I fell in love,” he added.

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