Google Apps displays security alerts if your passwords are stolen, Lahore Herald

Google Apps displays security alerts if your passwords are stolen

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Shortly after the feature’s launch for Chrome, Google activated its new security protocols for all of its applications. All your Google apps will soon notify you directly through the app if your passwords have been compromised.

Not only that, but the apps will also alert you if there are any security issues with your account and notify you through the app you are currently using. One of the advantages of this feature is that it is difficult to spoof as notifications are sent directly from the app.

Another new change is Google Assistant’s “Guest Mode”, which prevents you from saving your questions or queries to your account. It will continue to record conversations, but they will not be associated with a specific account. Guest mode can be easily activated via voice commands.

Plus, Google will soon allow you to edit your own location history. You can make changes to the places you have visited, add new ones you have not seen, or delete the places you want.

These features will roll out slowly to a limited number of users in the coming weeks, but will eventually roll out globally for everyone to use. More information about these features will be released in the coming days.

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