Saturday, March 25, 2023

18 years old has hacked Uber

A hacker who is still 18 years old hacked Uber. The ride-sharing company Uber is the target of a cyber attack this week. After the attack became did find on Thursday, several internal services, including Slack, and Amazon Web Services. Then, the Google Cloud Platform goes offline.

It turns out that the hacker is only 18 years old and hacked Uber. But has already can get administrative access to the company’s internal tools. Uber is still looking into how adolescent is able to achieve this. The internal tools are then did take offline because of safety concerns. However, they began coming back online yesterday.

Uber was quick to reassure its customers that no sensitive information, like their travel history or login credentials, is first leaked. It also said that all of Uber’s services, including the ridesharing platform itself, Uber Eats, Uber Freight, and the Uber Driver app, are working right now. The transportation network company also contacted the authorities.

The hacker contacted Uber employees through the company’s Slack system. He introduced himself as a hacker and said that the company became the victim of a data breach. As proof, he posted a hashtag saying that Uber underpays its drivers and shares private company information.

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According to what the suspected hacker told The New York Times, he got into Uber’s computers after getting a password from an employee. Using social engineering, he did make the worker think he is also from the company’s IT department.

After the hack, security experts said that all of Uber’s systems became broken into, but the company did not tell its customers to change their passwords.

Hackers are already able to get into Uber’s systems before. In 2016, the company used a big hack that exposed the private information of millions of customers and drivers.

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