Thursday, March 30, 2023

1500 Attend Madhya Pradesh’s Monkey Funeral

A supper feast was organised for more than 1,500 people for the final rites of the frost-dead monkey in Dalupura village of Hart.

Residents took part in all of the monkey’s funeral procedures, including the cremation of the corpse. Moksha refers to the release of the soul and a particular level of perception of its original faultless essence.

Arjun Singh Chauhan, previous head of the village panchayat, while telling the media about the intricacies of this peculiar tradition, remarked that whenever a monkey dies in our country, we would perform the same process as the last rites of a deceased man. Are

Arjun Singh went on to say that the villagers believe that the monkey-shaped god Hanuman is capable of genuinely dissolving the monkeys in his presence.

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