Friday, December 1, 2023

14 year old girl raped Case registered against Yasir Shah and his friend

Bowler Yasir Shah and his friend, Farhan, have been charged with sexually abusing a girl in Islamabad, Pakistan. The case was filed at the Shalimar police station.

The FIR filed a complaint from the victim’s uncles, who claim that Yassir Shah’s friend Farhan took the girl’s phone number and began insisting about friendship a few days later. Farhan also used to talk to that girl with Yasir Shah on WhatsApp.

The girl says that both trapped me in the mirror and on 14 August, while she was going to tuition, Farhan put her in a taxi and took her to F-11 flat and started interfering.

The girl also said that when she tried to stop, she was sexually assaulted at gunpoint and a video was also made of her. Farhan’s threats to kill her. He said that if i told anyone about them, the video would go viral.

According to the girl’s FIR statement, cricketer Yasir Shah also threatened at the same time. Yasir Shah said that he is an international cricket player. If I complain, he will entrap me
in any case.

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The FIR also states that accused Farhan blackmailed and sexually abused her after the incident. Yasir Shah also talked with me on the phone and force me to establish a relationship with him.

According to the FIR, on September 11, when the girl told Yasir Shah about the whole matter on WhatsApp, he joked and said that “he likes young girls”. Yasir Shah also threatened her about serious consequences.

The girl says that when she told Yassir Shah about the FIR, he said that what should have happen has happened. Now marry Farhan. I will give you an apartment and bear your all expenses until the age of 18 years.

So far, cricketer Yasir Shah has not said anything on this.

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